The Planetarium Dome

In our grade 5  / 6 class we have been studying the solar system. Recently our school was able to be part of a presentation that took us inside a Planetarium dome. Once inside the dome, the projector made the sky appear on the ceiling and walls. We saw the sun and trees all around us. Bill, the instructor, was teaching us all about the stars and the planets. It was echoey inside the dome but Bill quickly got our attention, zoomed in on Jupiter and told us all about its red/white tornado swirls. Bill asked us if we had ever thought about why constellations form pictures in the sky. He explained that constellations form pictures in the sky because of how gravity pulls stars together and forms 88 pictures in the sky that we can see here on Earth. It was neat to see the night sky move on the ceiling of the dome, just as you would experience the stars if you were outside on a dark, clear night. This was a fun and interesting way to learn about our science unit. Thank you to our school PAC for supporting this.

By: Madelyn MacDonald, Ms. Metzler’s class

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