School Fees

There are standardized student fees for all elementary students in School District 20. These fees cover the cost associated with the use of District Technology.
School fees will vary from class to class depending on if the teacher has also requested an agenda. 

ActivityRight – the Parent Online Payment System (POPS) reduces the amount of paper we use, as well as provides a safe, fast and efficient method to pay school fees and grant permission for field trips and other extracurricular activities.


On the right side of this page are instructions on how to create an account on Activity Right as well as other information regarding the online program.


If you run into any difficulties please email [email protected] 


  • At Glenmerry, all students will be provided with access to programs, services, and educational opportunities provided by the school, regardless of financial need. Please contact the principal, Mr. Terry Jones, to access our Hardship Policy. All information given/discussed is kept confidential.